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Phina Consultants Ltd (PCL)is a leading private company incorporated in Kenya. We seek to provide expert solutions to world class services.

Top Recruitment firm

Our organizational consulting services address the most pressing challenges that global businesses encounter and cover the entire spectrum of talent management, from start to finish.

Human Resource Consultancy

We're not your typical recruitment agency that depends solely on job postings. We take pride in our ability to source passive candidates. Our recruiters are all internationally certified in the latest sourcing techniques, allowing them to identify and engage with a broader pool of candidates.

Background Check Services

We deliver precise and comprehensive information through our reports, pledging timely results and top-notch services. Our expertise and innovative mindset aid organizations in establishing, overseeing, and optimizing their background screening initiatives.

Domestic Workers Training

We are elevating the standards of the domestic service sector by empowering individuals with essential skills for the management of households and commercial spaces. After completing our training program, our graduates proceed to work in various roles such as versatile domestic assistants, housekeepers, childcare providers, cooks, caregivers, gardeners, office cleaners, and tea service providers

Immigration Services

Moving to Kenya and settling in can be complicated. Navigating the Kenyan immigration process can be challenging. Our highly experienced team of consultants will help you navigate your Kenyan Immigration process on your behalf.


We are able to contact professionals who perfect fit for the job and attract them to join your company. The client offers a competitive package to the executive professional plus other non-monetary benefits. We identify and approach the best candidates in person while maintaining confidentiality and respecting their current employer and their privacy

Why Should You Hire With Phina Consultants?

At Phina Consultants, we are dedicated to shaping the future of work by connecting exceptional talent with exceptional opportunities. Let us be your partner in building a workforce that drives your organization’s success.

What we Believe in as a top recruitment firm in Kenya

  • To be an innovative and customer-centric
    Immigration and HR Consultancy firm
  • To provide quality, timely and costeffective consultancy services to clients
Specialised Head hunting
Full Recruitment
Anything You Need

We work closely with our clients to ensure seamless delivery of our services.


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Our Immigration Services

● Work Permit
● Work Permit Renewal
● Dependant pass
● Permanent Residency
● Citizenship (Application and Submission Only)
● Special Pass
● Student Pass
● Alien Card Registration
● Visa Extension
● Re-entry pass
● Visas – Single and Multiple
● Referred Visa
● Endorsements

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