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They present your opportunity to these candidates who cannot be reached or identified by standard recruitment techniques and advertising. This pure headhunting approach is what separates Phina Consultants from the rest!

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We make sure that your that we have a package that covers your hiring needs, we have top candidates in our database


Bronze Package

Allows you to advertise vacancies on the Phina Consultants website and access candidates via our Applicant Tracking System (ATS) which you will have full access to for a lifetime. We will approve your account on the website to access this services. We propose this for entry to mid-level positions that typically require advertising to fill vacancies

Silver Package

This solution gives the advert more visibility by pining it on the Phina Consultants Front Page, sharing the job advert on the Social Media Platform i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Whatsapp, & Google ads. This makes sure that the advert gains a lot of attention so that it can reach passive candidates hence attracting the best talent.

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Gold Package

This solution is for your skilled roles/vacancies. We will source candidates and attention is applied to the candidates that we qualify, with a focus to matching the candidates to the vacant job profile and supplying a smaller list that meets the role requirements. We work with the specific skills and competencies of the position to deliver a shortlist of 5 qualified candidates for interviewing within the shortest time, saving you time and the tedious administrative process of filling the role. Should you feel that the candidate presented or hired is not meeting his/her requirement, we will replace this candidate at no extra cost.

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Recruiting for technical and expert talent in Kenya requires a different approach. Posting advertisements to classified sites and job portals does not produce high-caliber results. Instead, our technical recruiters use talent mapping and deep-search techniques to identify highly targeted candidates within the top, target companies. 

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