Human Resource Services

To provide quality, timely and costeffective consultancy services to clients globally

Some of our HR Services


We are able to contact professionals who perfect fit for the
job and attract them to join your company. The client offers
a competitive package to the executive professional plus
other non-monetary benefits. We identify and approach the
best candidates in person while maintaining confidentiality
and respecting their current employer and their privacy.


We work closely with our clients to gain an in-depth
understanding of their specific recruitment needs and
source for the suitable candidates for the vacant roles. We
have a rich database of candidates from all professionsProfessional, Technical, and Casual etc.


We shall partner with you, taking up the HR department
of your organization, either in full or some elements, and
manage functions such as the administrative, operational and
strategic HR capacity. Our outsourcing services will improve
the effectiveness and efficiency of your HR Department or
create a new HR Service Department to assist with your
organizational growth plans. Our HR consultancy services
are designed to maximize investment in human capital while
enabling clients to focus on their core business


The process consists of calculations of employees’ salaries
and tax deductions, administering employee benefits,
payment of salaries, submitting the statutory deductions,
making payments to the respective employees’ bank
accounts and issuing of pay slips. We offer quick and efficient
payroll services to our clients helping them to cut down on
unnecessary costs and save on time so as to attain their
goals and objectives. We have a team of experienced payroll
managers, who also handle salary queries and provide all
payroll tax information to the clients.


According to the needs of our clients, we design and
conduct salary surveys and advise accordingly. We are also
able to project and conduct analysis through research;
compensation scheme and advice how much a position
is worth and how much it should be paid. We also have a
database of published compensation survey data from
which we can draw competitive pay information.


We effectively and efficiently manage your labour as you
concentrate on the core business of your company. Our HR
experts perform HR tasks such as placing casuals, issuing of
employment contracts on behalf of our client, supervising
the casuals, managing benefits, processing salaries,
disciplinary systems, performance management, answering
employment inquiries, legal compliance, training, checking
attendance, maintaining files and records and a host of
other employee-related tasks.


Our team will undertake to conduct an end to end
performance management activity or a stand-alone
performance appraisal, setting KPI’s or Balanced Score
Cards. The starting point would be setting a performance
management policy and set performance standards for
the employees. We then facilitate the development of
core organizational competencies, influence SMART goal
setting, and clearly articulate expectations in order to
have a measurable results- oriented tool for effective
implementation. We give a comprehensive report with
recommendations and what needs to be improved. We
undertake monitoring and evaluation of the process


We formulate all the policies in accordance to the current
employment law. We construe the companies’ culture,
operations, rules and regulations and capture them to come
up with standard policies and procedures acceptable to
both employees and employer. We ensure the policies are
superior to the Government provided policies or at least in
line with what is provided in the employment act or CBA.


Our team of certified trainers conducts a thorough Training
Needs Analysis (TNA) to come up with the skills gaps in the
job performance of the employees and therefore advises
on the training areas. We usually customize the trainings
according to the needs of our client.


We identify the needs of the client and address them
accordingly. A checklist may be during audits to ensure
compliance. Areas for HR Audits may include:- Staffing,
Hiring and Onboarding, Labour force requirements, Staff
benefits and compensation, Performance evaluation
process, Disciplinary systems, Job Descriptions, Staff
Files, Training, Leave System, Company forms, Health and
Safety, Terminations etc. After undertaking the HR b audits
a comprehensive report will be given to the client on the
findings of the audit with recommendations on arrears of
improvement and a work plan on how to improve

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