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Phina Consultants is a recruitment and immgration company that deals in all matter concerning Human Resource, immigration and background checks.

Who we are?

Phina Consultants Ltd (PCL)is a leading private company incorporated in Kenya. We seek to provide expert solutions to world class services. We provide Smart and Cost Effective Personnel Outsourcing Solutions and Immigration Support Services for Companies and Organizations Worldwide.
PCL offers comprehensive recruitment and staffing solutions that will save your company time and money and help you meet your hiring needs.

How we do it...

We are widely experienced in sourcing and screening candidates from around the globe. Leverage the power of a Global marketplace and streamline your administrative and overhead costs. We are the industry pioneer in recruitment outsourcing and off-shoring. Our experience in recruitment process knowledge gives us a competitive advantage and ensures efficient and effective service delivery of your staffing needs

PCL offers timely, efficient and reliable immigration support services. Our services range from facilitating work permit processing, visas, passes, permanent residency, Kenyan Passports among other immigration documents for locals and expatriates. Our vast knowledge and experience in supporting international corporates, INGOs and Local entities navigate the complex immigration processes and procedures in Kenya strategically positions us at the cutting edge of immigration services.

Why Choose us?

Transparency: We believe in open and honest communication. Throughout the entire process, you can trust us to provide clear and transparent information, ensuring that you are well-informed every step of the way.

Global Network: Our extensive network of partners and associates across the globe enables us to offer comprehensive recruitment and immigration solutions, no matter where you are or where you want to go.

Personalized Service: We understand that each client has unique needs and goals. That’s why we take the time to get to know you, ensuring that our services are tailored to your specific requirements.

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Ready to embark on your journey with Phina consultants LTD Contact us today to discuss your recruitment and immigration needs. Our dedicated team is here to assist you in achieving your goals, whether it’s finding the perfect candidate or making your dream of living and working in a new country a reality.

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